Tears at the end

I can’t believe it. I really, really can’t. We were so close… I thought that Ziggy’s hoist had won it for us. I mean, he perfected the hoist! Surely that deserves the Championship. We were all so upset. Thank you all for supporting us, and don’t shed a tear, we lost to a great goal. He may be a Rockfort Boy, but he’s still a good old friend, so well done to Dylan. (more…)


The Bantor wasn’t kidding when he spoke of Carraigrua.. they really are huge! The giant repeats. But thanks to Miss O’Dowd’s training, and her great pointers during the match, and her assistant coaches, Ballybraddan made it through to the final! OK, maybe the stick carriers had a small bit to do with it. (more…)


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About the show

This animated drama series follows the lives of the Fifth class children of Ballybraddan Primary School. Growing and maturing faster than
we can imagine, these boys and girls are trying to find their place in the world.